Nurse Collapses After Receiving Covid-19 Vaccine


Nurse Tiffany Dover Collapses on Live Television Shortly After Receiving The Covid-19 Vaccine.

Ms. Dover collapsed at a Thursday press conference after receiving the coronavirus vaccine at CHI Memorial hospital in Tennessee.

Nurse Manager Tiffany Dover had been speaking to the media about the city’s first vaccinations of front-line health workers when she collapsed, according to video posted by WTVC-9 (, the Chattanooga ABC affiliate.

About 17 minutes after receiving the Pfizer-made vaccine against COVD-19, she started feeling dizzy, apologized and fell over before she was caught by doctors standing behind her.

"It just hit me all of a sudden, I could feel it coming on. I felt a little disoriented but I feel fine now, and the pain in my arm is gone," Ms. Dover said.

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